The Mount Helena Residents and Ratepayers Association are delighted to announce the return of last years’ much-loved Hills Billy Cart Festival on Sunday the 27th of October 2019. This event is set to be bigger and better than last year, under the auspices of the Mount Helena Classic and supported by the Whim Festival.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome back last years’ competitors and encourage new participants to register. Our event is targeted at homemade carts that have been put together by the average person whilst meeting the required safety standards of both our competitors and spectators.


You can check out our Facebook page from last year if you are after some cart design inspiration.

Registrations will be open from March 1st 2019, closing when 75 entries are received or on the 20th of October, whichever comes first. So, get building! All the information you need can be found below.


We welcome you to take part in this years Hills Billy Cart Festival and hope to provide you with all the information you require on this page. We will be adding more prize class categories so please check here frequently to keep updated. Registered competitors will receive an email of all prize classes once finalised.


What is the purpose of the Billy Cart Race?

The purpose of the Race is for people, parents and children, businesses, social groups and the like to share in an enjoyable activity as a community. The major emphasis of the event is not the winning of races, but in having a fun time together building your cart and then racing it or winning a prize in one of the other classes.

We want to build fun, family memories that will linger long after the festival is over.

What is the date and time of the Billy Cart Race?

The event will be held on Sunday October 27th 2019. We hope for fine weather but of course there are no guarantees. We normally hold the Mount Helena Whim festival on that date and so far we have been lucky. If it rains you may need a set of wet weather tyres…OK, OK so we are just messing with you!

Can I arrange scrutineering before race day?
If you wish to avoid the last rush of scrutineering, we will be organizing a special scrutineering 3 weeks before the event for locals- but for off comers we will still do scrutineering first thing on Sunday Morning 29th October.  To arrange scrutineering prior to Race Day. Please contact technical@hillsbillycartfestival.com
What time do we need to check in our cart and team on the day?

Race Marshaling check-in for the event will begin from 6am in the Check in Area at the bottom of Evans Street and close to the roundabout. After scrutineering then competitors can practice from around 7 AM through to 10 AM which is when racing will commence. We really encourage entrants to practice as much as possible so that they feel comfortable with the handling characteristics of your cart. Scrutineering of Carts will occur in the Inspection Area which will be marked.

As we are setting up the final course on Sunday morning these times may be a little flexible. Just chill and go with the flow and we will all have a great day.

Please make sure you arrive for check-in 2 hours before start time for scrutineering and marshalling, and to collect your Registration Pack and info about the day.

Delivering your cart to the marshalling area

Carts may be dropped at the fenced marshalling area from 6 AM for registration and scrutineering as appropriate. Vehicles will be street parked in Mount Helena . Do not leave yourself too short on time to do so. Parking adjacent to the start line is non existent so it is best to plan for a leisurely start. We will try to arrange for the early morning caffeine fix.

Do I have to stay after we’ve delivered our cart to the Inspection Area?

You are not required to stay with your cart after you have checked in and delivered it to the Inspection Area for scrutineering. You will need to identify your cart to the scrutineers on arrival. You will need to be with your cart ready for race marshalling a minimum 15 minutes before your first race begins. Please note that the scrutineers may need to speak with you about any aspects for your cart they consider need adjustment for safety purposes, so we do recommend that you remain with your cart during this process. We will have one or more mechanics available to try to help you with any last minute problems


Your cart, your children and your belongings are your responsibility, therefore please do not leave any valuables or unsupervised minors with your cart or in the event area. The event organisers cannot take responsibility for your cart, children, grandparents or personal belongings.

Driver and support team safety briefing

About 9.30 in the marshalling area

Who is the Billy Cart Festival suitable for?

The Billy cart race is for anyone who is fit enough to ride a billy cart without major risk of physical injury, there are opportunities for Parents / carers to enter a class to ride tandem with younger children (below 5) . Solo entries for children below 5 years will not be accepted.

Before entering please consider your personal level of fitness and health.

Why can’t children younger than 5 yrs complete?

We’d love to include everyone, but we also want to ensure families are kept safe, therefore we have to restrict the minimum age to those we believe will be able to steer their carts safely whilst it’s moving at reasonable speed, and be able to follow safety instructions.

I would like to compete but I do not really have the skills to build a compliant cart – what can I do?

We have a small number of starter kits available for hire. These chassis kits include chassis, floor, steering, seat but you will need to add your own wheels, brakes and whatever outlandish body that you can conjure up. We rent these chassis for $50 for the event. This worked really well last year as it enabled kids to compete that would otherwise be left out. It is best to request a chassis as soon as possible as numbers are limited.

How many races can a competitor expect to compete in?

A good question indeed! – The answer is we do not know as this is only our second event and although we learned many lessons from the first we simply do not know. We are estimating 75 entrants and we do want to ensure that competitors have as many races as possible. But the number of races will depend on how much time is required to load the starting ramp and clear the finish line to allow the next race to start,

So for those competitors that want to pose for their adoring admirers on the finish line then it may just reduce the numbers of races for everyone else. We want to start racing at 10 AM and run through to around 3 PM but we reserve the right to be flexible. Registration allows a team to compete in as many races as desired on the day.

How do we determine the winners?

Well we have various classes, not just for speed but also classes for the best engineered etc. so there are lots of opportunities for prizes for everyone, it is all about having a great family fun day out, the creation of happy memories, lots of photo opportunities and creating family memories. Fun as it used to be!

Can I enter a Billy Cart that does not comply with the required specifications?

No.  We would hate to see teams spend a lot of time building Billy carts that are rejected by the scrutineers, so please read the requirements carefully. Please note that non complying carts built and approved for use at other events may be accepted at the sole discretion of the organisers.

Can I enter more than one person using the same billy cart?

Perhaps but the challenge will be to return the cart to the starting line in good time, so possible with provisos. Tell us what you want and we will try to accommodate you.

Can I register on the day of the event?

No. the cut off time for registration is shown on the Entry Form and entrants are accepted on the basis of “first in / best dressed.” This is likely to be a very popular event again so please do register as early as possible. Entries close after we have reached 75.

What happens if we register online, and can’t race on the day?

We ask as a courtesy that you contact registrations@hillsbillycartfestival.com  before the day to advise of your inability to compete. However, we understand that this might not be possible at short notice. We reserve the right to then substitute any competitor who has not previously been accepted and is on the waiting list.

Your pre-registration helps us to plan for the number of marshals, personnel, registration material and registration packs we prepare for the day.  These are prepared in advance of the event.

Will I be insured if I am injured while racing?

No – and just to be more emphatic NO again. Many forms of sport can be dangerous and when you sign the entry form you are informed that you enter the race at your own risk. We make every effort to keep you or your children safe but when entering a race you are informed that your own safety lies in your own hands and that you are not insured by the organisers.

Where can I get more information, or ask questions?
If the issue relates to general queries, then contact us on organisers@hillsbillycartfestival.com

If the issue relates to technical issues, then please email technical@hillsbillycartfestival.com


Please download and read these before you register.

Updated 23 April


Once your registration form has been successfully submitted you will taken to a page bank payment details. Please make payment immediately to confirm your spot in the 2019 Hills Billy Cart Festival
Before you start please ensure you have read, understood & agree to the FAQs, Race Documents and Disclaimer.

Class is the combined weight of cart and participant, please choose closest class and we will confirm at scrutineering.

Confirm that you have read, understood & agree to the FAQs, Race Documents and Disclaimer.